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Our Program


At Pals in a Pod we believe play should be a huge part of a child’s day. Children will spend time learning to explore, share, cooperate, and express their independence. We offer many activities that are age appropriate and include teachable moments. Activities will challenge each child’s creative talent and imagination. Infants will be included in the children’s activities and encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities.

Activities include:

  • Dramatic play

  • Books and Reading

  • Music and Movement

  • Puzzles, Games, and Manipulatives

  • Expressive or Sensory art activities

  • Construction and Blocks

  • Outdoor play

  • Free play

  • Literacy and Language development activities

  • Health, Safety, and Nutrition projects

  • Individual quiet activities

  • Movies (limited to two times per month) 

At Pals in a Pod Child Care, TV, tablets, and computer screens will not be watching your children.

Movies will be limited to two times per month.


There will be no additional charge for meals served at Pals in a Pod Child Care. Each day the children will be served breakfast, lunch, and two snacks. Because healthy diets are important to a child’s growth and development, we will serve all organic meals. Meals will include plenty of fruits and vegetables, and sugar will be limited. To keep children hydrated during the day we serve water and milk.

Infant formula will be provided unless you chose to bring your own. Mothers who are breastfeeding are more than welcome to come and feed your baby at any time. A private room is available for mothers to use while feeding.

We are able to accommodate a vegetarian diet upon request. If you have any other dietary requests or food allergies, we will do our best to accommodate. 

I love to cook and bake, and enjoy sharing that with children. Kids will be encouraged to help in the kitchen if they’d like. They’ll learn some cooking and baking skills, get a little messy, get involved with their food and get excited about what they’re eating.

Behavior Guidance

Behavior guidance will always be fair, reasonable, and suited to the age of the child. Positive behavior will constantly be identified and encouraged throughout our days. Pals in a Pod will never use corporal punishment (spanking) as a form of guidance. Time outs or loss of privileges will be the consequence when appropriate for misbehavior. Ultimately our goal is to avoid time outs and loss of privileges. We want kids to be happy, having fun, and excited about their day.

Potty Training

We are here to help with potty training when the time comes! We’ll form a plan to keep a consistent routine both at home and at Pals in a Pod. A training seat is provided and kids will have constant encouragement and celebration during this big step in their lives.   

Typical Daily Schedule

The following is a general guideline of the children’s daily activities. Infants will always dictate their own schedule.


7:00 am: Welcome - Free play

8:30 am: Breakfast

9:00 am: Free play/ Group activities/ Outdoor play

10:15 am: Morning snack

10:30 am: Free play/ Group activities

12:00 pm: Lunch

12:30 pm: Story time

1:00 pm: Nap/Rest time

3:00 pm: Free play/ Group activities/ Outdoor play

3:30 pm: Afternoon snack

3:45 pm: Free play

Date Night

Once a month, we offer a date night service for $35/child. It will be on a Friday from 6pm-10pm.

Date night for kids is meant to be fun. The kids will get to relax, have an easy meal, and watch a movie. They can come dressed in their PJ’s or their favorite costume! 

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