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Pals in a Pod Child Care is a licensed family child care home for infants to school-age children. We offer full and part-time care. Drop-in care is available if there is a vacancy. Regular business hours are from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday-Friday. Here we provide a fun and loving home setting that will allow each child to grow to their full potential. It’s our job as a child care provider to help parents and guardians raise and mold children to become respectable, honest, kind, and successful adults. Children will be able to learn through teachable moments, books, hands on activities, art, playing, and more. Our days will be semi-structured with the flexibility to meet most of the children’s needs.


Pals in a Pod was created to be fun and engaging, in order to keep children’s bodies and minds active throughout the day. There is over 1000 square feet of indoor play space dedicated to the children. Dramatic play areas allow children to become scientists, chefs, builders, and even veterinarians. We have a large library of books, art supplies and a wealth of toys to keep children engaged and their imaginations running wild. Children will learn to play and share with others; and independence is always encouraged.  There is a spacious 1000+ square foot backyard with a play structure and a grassy area for kids to run and play. Screen time is extremely limited and reserved only for special occasions.


We understand how diet can affect a child’s day. Therefore, we serve organic meals made from scratch, include lots of fruits and vegetables, and use very limited amounts of sugar in all meals. Children are encouraged to help in the kitchen with preparing yummy meals and cleaning up our messes. Food is always more exciting when you get to help make it!  


  • Licensed Family Child Care Home

  • Certification in Adult, Infant, and Child CPR and first aid.

  • Registered in the Criminal Background Registry

  • State-mandated training courses:

    • Family Child Care Overview

    • Adult, Infant, and Child CPR and First Aid

    • Food Handlers License

    • Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

    • Basic Child Care Health and Safety

Care Provider


I have been providing child care for more than 18 years as a full-time nanny, camp leader, child care center assistant, and church daycare assistant. I have cared for children of all ages and abilities, and worked with up to 13 children at a time.  My experience includes working with children who have special needs such as autism, bi-polar disorder, ADD/ADHD and dietary restrictions. 


I started watching children of friends and family at 12 years old. During that time, my neighborhood was full of families with children. Since I was one of the oldest on the block and loved caring for kids, families started to consider me the designated neighborhood babysitter. It was a great opportunity to have fun with kids and earn a little money while going to school.  After a few years I started looking for more opportunities to work with kids. I volunteered to work at various organizations and found that I loved working with a large group of kids at one time. I enjoyed the crazy energy that a group of kids created.


Toward the end of high school, I started working in retail and sales. While working in a retail environment can be hectic and crazy, like watching a large group of kids, it wasn’t nearly as satisfying. I realized that I needed to get back to working with children because that is what truly made me happy.


That’s when I decided to switch gears and became a full-time nanny. Working as a full-time nanny was amazing because I developed strong bonds with the children and their families. It furthered my expertise in caring for children. My responsibilities included getting them up, preparing them for their day, keeping them active and on schedule, cooking their meals, potty training, teaching them about safety, and I acted as a positive role model addressing their emotional needs while their parents were away.


My mother inspired me to have my own in-home day care business. When I was young and living with my mom, we had an in-home daycare for dogs, Pawsitively Pampurred Pets. I realized I could do the same with children, just as crazy, but a lot less hairy. :)


Pals in a Pod was born out of the great experiences I’ve had with children over the years, my mother’s inspiration, and my desire to offer a unique in-home child care experience for families.


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my dogs, Bo and Miles, and baking for hours in my kitchen making delicious treats. I also love road trips, camping, beaches, relaxing by water, trying new restaurants, and riding my beach cruiser to downtown Tigard. 

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